Dzuli Digital Marketing services.

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  • Setup and configuration of a Google workspace with your company domain name
  • add multiple domains to your workspace
  • add users to your workspace
  • create and configure groups and organizational units
  • enhance your security with MFA
  • Integrate Google Workspace into capable third-party applications
  • set up branded email 
  • add aliases to your email addresses 
  • Set up DMARC, DKIM, and SPF to secure your emails. This will ensure your team's emails are recognised, trusted, and delivered to the right  inbox, avoiding the spam folder
  • migrate emails from other providers
  • Integrate Gmail to third-party applications, eg. CMR software
  • create meeting room calendars to handle bookings
  • create vehicle calendars to avoid double-booking
  • help you create APPOINTMENT SCHEDULEs. so your clients can book time with you. You have the option to charge for this booking

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Google Workspace

Included services

When you subscribe to Google Workspace. google also includes a lot services that you can leverage.

Google Docs Editors

the google productivity suite that allows your team to collaborate. 


  • docs
  • sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms

google meet

the video conference tool that permits your team to interact internally and with external customers. 

It seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar invites, allowing your customers to use it with only a browser.

You can also create instant calls through Google chat just with a click.

Google chat

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